Stationery is often the first impression people have with Bastyr University. They provide an important opportunity to enhance the brand's value and align our efforts to communicate Bastyr University's impact across schools, departments, and offices. The University has created an approved stationery system and associated templates for letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. These templates are vital tools that make it easy to communicate cohesively and consistently.

Table of contents
Business Card Template

The business card design is available to order from our recommended vendors. Please fill out the downloadable form and ask your supervisor to approve and submit on your behalf to administration

Business Card Request Form
Letterhead Template

The Microsoft Word template below is provided for all official electronic communication across schools and departments, but it can serve as desktop printed stationery as well. All stationery must use the official brand typefaces.

Envelope Template

The Bastyr envelope templates can be downloaded for desktop printing. The names and titles of individuals are not to be printed on envelopes.