Guidelines regarding video production help guide your decision-making to deliver high-quality video content to our followers and the public and increase Bastyr's visibility. Video coordination and protocols are set through the university's marketing department. Please contact the office directly if you do not find the information you need below.

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Professional Shoots: Start with a Creative Brief Download

Creative Brief Form

If you have a video project request, please submit a creative brief to marketing outlining the project information. A video production creative brief is integral to the success of video projects. The creative brief will:
  1. Set your campaign objective outcome
  2. Determine your target audience and their goals.
  3. Define the key message to the audience.
  4. Determine the platform and call-to-action
  5. Set location, budget, and timeline.

Capture the essence of Bastyr students and programs

Bastyr has a rich culture of holistic wellness, with our students at the center of research and hands-on training.  Use video to convey information about Bastyr's programs and campus lifestyle, from teaching moments to student life.

Composition Do's and Don'ts

Do not have the interviewee look directly into the lens during and interview unless the intent is to directly address the viewer.

Composition A1Composition A2

Avoid cutting off the top of the head when framing a wide shot of interviewees.

Composition B1Composition B2

Avoid too much head room

 Composition C1Composition C2

Do not angle the interviewee to face too far away from the camera

Composition D1Composition D2