Consistency in color is how we command respect for our brand. Think of brands that have been around for decades. They do not deviate from their color. They do not deviate from their colors because to do so would decrease brand recognition. Beginning in 2022, Bastyr University's colors are as follows: 

Table of contents
Primary Color
Cranberry is Bastyr University's primary and most prominent brand color. It is the only color used in the new color logo.
some text
PMS: 7622 C
RGB: 147, 40, 44
HEX: #93282C
CMYK: 0, 98, 77, 37

Secondary Color

Turmeric is complementary to the primary color and works to add warmth to the university’s design system. It is never used without the cranberry and is never used for text when the background is white. Turmeric can be used for text when the background is cranberry.

some text
PMS: 131 C
RGB: 204, 138, 0
HEX: #CC8A00
CMYK: 0, 39, 100, 11

Tertiary Color

Bluebird is Bastyr University's third color. It is not used in every design, is not an exclusive clinic color, and is only used if a third color is needed. It is never to be used on its own without cranberry or turmeric. Mainly used for web applications, such as bullets or checkboxes. Proportions of bluebird are never to be greater than cranberry or turmeric (see below color proportions chart).
some text
PMS: 2390 C
RGB: 24,128,176
HEX: #1880B0
CMYK: 86,21,0,31

Warm Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are used for supporting elements or text. They act as a base and allow the primary, secondary, tertiary, and accent colors to take the spotlight.

some text
HEX: #393938
some text
HEX: #2A2A29
some text
HEX: #E8E8E7
some text
HEX: #C9C9C7
some text
HEX: #8C8C89
some text
HEX: #F6F6F5

Accents Colors

These colors are to be used with the expressed permission of Marketing only. Please email [email protected] with an explanation of your use.

some text
HEX: #B86063
some text
HEX: #A51C30
some text
Dark Cherry
HEX: #6D0206
some text
HEX: #E5C072
some text
HEX: #A46E00
some text
HEX: #007855
some text
HEX: #58A7CB
some text
HEX: #115B7D

Color Proportions

The color proportions chart demonstrates how much of each color should be used in relation to one another. The primary color is the most prominent non-neutral color, with the secondary and tertiary colors following in scale. For web applications, neutrals and white play a significant role in offering support and balance.

White space is important to our brand. Refrain from having more cranberry in your design than white. 

Color Proportions